Welcome to Boom Blush, where the enchanting beauty of New Zealand's dark sky reserve sparks our imagination, inspiring us to create ethereal bridal wear. Our collection is a tribute to the night's magic, with gowns and veils adorned with starry details and reflective elements that echo the celestial wonder of the cosmos.

At the core of Boom Blush is a woman-owned and led team, a diverse sisterhood of daughters, mothers, and wives. We cherish inclusivity, ensuring every garment accommodates all sizes. Our understanding of the unique ways women's bodies and preferences can be influenced by their cultural backgrounds drives our commitment to creating designs that celebrate diversity.

Sustainability is at the heart of our philosophy. We embrace a made-to-order approach, minimizing waste and repurposing fabric scraps into exquisite bridal silk flowers and accessories. These handcrafted treasures are sent with care to brides worldwide, adding a touch of sustainability to their special day.

Our design journey unfolds in the heart of New Zealand, where every sketch, mood visualization, and pattern is crafted with passion. We only order fabrics once we're confident in their popularity, embracing a mindful approach to consumption. Our fabrics and embroideries, some custom-made based on our unique drawings, others sourced locally from deadstock, result in limited-edition pieces that are as special as they are sustainable.

We design, develop patterns, test them on different bodies and photograph them here, under the starlit skies of New Zealand. We collaborate with skilled subcontractors both locally and globally, bringing our visions to life with our digital patterns and exclusive fabrics. As a small but growing brand, we deeply appreciate your trust and support. We're committed to bringing even more beauty to this wonderful world, one starry gown at a time.

Boom Blush team