At Boom Blush, we believe that sustainability is a journey, not a destination. While achieving full sustainability is a challenging feat, especially for small brands, we are committed to making significant strides towards a more sustainable future.

Our made-to-order approach is at the heart of our sustainability efforts. By creating garments only when needed, we tailor each piece to the individual's size and height, reducing the need for alterations and minimizing waste. This approach allows us to order fabrics only as required, further cutting down on excess.

Being based in New Zealand, we take pride in sourcing most of our fabrics from local designer deadstock suppliers, rescuing them from landfill. When we need something unique, we collaborate with trusted embroiderers and artisans in New Zealand and overseas to create custom fabrics, ensuring that each design is a cherished creation, not a mass-produced item destined for copycats.

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our production process. We do not rely on overseas factories for mass production. Instead, we develop and craft our dresses in-house or with our trusted local and overseas individual subcontractors, maintaining control over quality and ethical standards. This approach is particularly crucial for wedding dresses, where every detail and custom approach matters.

We embrace a circular economy mindset, repurposing fabric leftovers into flower brooches, garters and flower girl dresses. This not only reduces waste but also adds a unique, personal touch to our creations.

As an entirely online brand, we do not need to stockpile dresses, further reducing our environmental footprint. We understand that as we grow, changes will be necessary, but our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices will remain the core of our business, never to be traded for mass market profits.

Thank you for your trust and support,

The Boom Blush Team