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Boom Blush



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Celeste: A dance of stars right from the cosmos, brought to life under the vast canopy of New Zealand's Dark Sky reserve. Every star-studded embroidery on this gown is a testament to our handcrafted promise, telling a tale of nights spent gazing at galaxies and capturing their allure onto the most delicate tulle.

Bask in the symphony of contrasts as the seductive plunge meets the ethereal shimmer. Crafted from our exclusively selected luxurious crepe, Celeste not only promises to drape you in opulence but also to caress your curves with grace and comfort. The daring thigh-high slit weaves a tale of adventure and sensuality, offering just a peek into the world of the celestial.

Flowing gracefully with your every move, the removable overskirt adds layers of dreams and dimensions, offering versatility for every magical moment of your day.

Navigating the realms of online shopping? Fear not. Our commitment to you is deep-rooted. Celeste, with her galaxy of wonders, has been tested on diverse body types to ensure she's the perfect fit for every celestial being out there. And as with every piece born in our in-house studio, she's ready to be customized to your whims and fancies.

Celeste is not just a gown; she's an experience, waiting to make you the center of her universe.

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