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Coastal Moonlight Veil

Coastal Moonlight Veil

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Whisking you away on a celestial journey, meet our Coastal Moonlight veil. This isn't just a veil, but an embodiment of dreams and stardust. Handcrafted from the delicate embrace of French tulle, it captures the luminescence of the universe with every star meticulously placed to recount the mysteries of the cosmos.

Set against the dramatic backdrop of a cathedral-length silhouette, its grandeur is magnified, promising an entrance that lingers in memories.

Crafted in our Alpine Studio, cradled within New Zealand's enchanting Dark Sky Reserve, it's a piece of the night sky, brought down to grace your special day. Trust in our commitment: each Coastal Moonlight Veil is fashioned to order, ensuring its uniqueness is as boundless as the universe.

While the stars take their time to shine, we need just 4-6 weeks to bring this stellar piece to you. For those pressed for time, we do offer a rush order service. Embark on this astral adventure with us!

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