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Boom Blush

Cosmic Dancer

Cosmic Dancer

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In the serene embrace of New Zealand's Dark Sky reserve, our gown unfurls a celestial tale. During daylight, its unique fabric—crafted solely for our brand in limited editions—shimmers with subtle sparkles. But as dusk approaches, the gown transforms, with stars that glow mirroring the enchanting sky above. Picture yourself: stepping into a room, draped in a constellation of stars.

It's not just the ethereal beauty we've perfected; we prioritize your comfort too. Need room for a bra strap? We've got you covered. The companion slip dress is customizable in shades of ivory or nude, with choices of a daring plunge, reminiscent of our iconic Counting Stars gown, or a classic v-neck. 

For the bride who's a trendsetter in her own right, this gown is an embodiment of your spirit. Our dedication doesn't end at design; we uphold the pinnacle of quality in fabric, exclusive to Boom Blush and produced in finite batches. And it's all sewn together here, under New Zealand's expansive skies. No overseas production, just pure, heartfelt local craftsmanship.

Understanding the concerns of online shopping, we've designed this piece with you in mind. We've observed its beauty across diverse body types, ensuring it flatters and fits seamlessly. Tailored to your precise height and size range, the elastic waist adds to its adaptability. Step into a celestial bridal journey with Boom Blush, where stars align just for you.

 When you send us your measurements, we’ll discuss the perfect length for your gown. It’s all about tailoring the dress to fit not just your body, but your dream too. Because at Boom Blush, every detail counts.


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