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Boom Blush

Counting Stars

Counting Stars

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In the heart of New Zealand's Dark Sky Reserve, a dreamlike gown takes form. Crafted for the radiant spirit, this bohemian masterpiece boasts our signature lace, dotted with stars that not only sparkle brilliantly under the sunlight but also glow enchantingly when night falls. Just imagine the magic of entering your reception, wrapped in a constellation of glowing stars — it's no wonder Brittany Snow chose this design for her special day.

With choices in ivory or nude for the slip dress and customizable necklines and slip length, this gown's adaptability is a testament to its allure.

The enchanting, star-studded lace speaks to its exclusivity. If this gown resonates with your soul, secure it soon, as our precious fabric and handcrafting time are limited.

Every piece, birthed in our Dark Sky studio, stands as a testament to impeccable quality, authenticity, and dedication. Committed to using the finest materials, we proudly sidestep overseas production in favor of local artisanship. Whether your dream is a subtle tweak or a sweeping redesign, our hands are poised to bring it to life. Please note, while minor changes meld effortlessly, grand alterations may carry an additional fee.

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