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Boom Blush



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Imagine the allure of a breezy, billowing chiffon wedding gown that effortlessly embodies elegance. This stunning gown is crafted to provide a cool and sleek feel against your skin, captivating everyone around you. The removable sleeves, made of crinkle chiffon, add a touch of grace and volume, while the subtle silhouette boasts a square neckline that enhances your natural beauty. The skirt, our most recognizable design, creates a mesmerizing effect as it catches every gentle breeze creating your most photogenic moments. Delicate chiffon ribbons enhance the gown's movement, gracefully accentuating its jaw-dropping silhouette from the back. Perfect for outdoor weddings, this gown is destined to create unforgettable memories, as even the gentlest wind embraces it, producing breathtaking photos that you'll cherish forever.


Every gown is made by hand using your unique measurements and proportions and not mass produced. This means we can make almost any changes to the design (neckline, sleeves, length, etc). We can offer minor customisations or we can completely redesign the gown for you. Major customisations will require an extra fee.

Please note that the prices are in USD and may shift slightly due to fluctuating exchange rates.

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